Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Please join Stonecutter Journal for our first ever solo reading, featuring the incredible and esteemed writer Nathaniel Tarn. The event will be held in the upstairs mezzanine at 61 Local in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, on Thursday, May 9th from 7:30PM onwards. Admission is free and open to the public.

Nathaniel Tarn is a poet, translator, editor, critic/essayist and anthropologist. He has some thirty-five publications in these disciplines—the latest of which are SELECTED POEMS :1950-2000 (Wesleyan); SCANDALS IN THE HOUSE OF BIRDS: PRIESTS AND SHAMANS ON LAKE ATITLAN, GUATEMALA (Marsilio); INS AND OUTS OF THE FOREST RIVERS (New Directions). Research Travel in all continents and in all the Fifty States has informed his work from the beginning. He lives Northwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico, with amateur interests in watching Birds and Plants, the Running of a diminutive garden and a spartan bird restaurant (also a hummer feeder), Manifold Infantile Collecting, American Folk Art, Opera, Aviation history, XIXth century Romanticism and Marxism.