Saturday, May 5, 2012


Issues one and two of STONECUTTER featured seven contributing artists who work with photography, collage and mixed media. Newsha Tavakolian and Will Steacy—whose color portfolios appeared, respectively, in issues one and two—use conceptual photography to examine social, political and environmental issues. Peter McCollough, on the other hand, documents the strange reality of human existence with photographs of immediate surroundings and everyday street scenes.

Our collage artists—Nancy Kay Tuner, Travis Jackson, and Courtney Reagor—reassemble and re-imagine works that are historical, mythical, and playful. Orion Martin produces stills from his short films and creates screen prints from his photographs.

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Courtney Reagor, Fitness, Issue Two
Newsha Tavakolian, from Listen, Issue One

Nancy Kay Turner, Torn Asunder, Issue Two

Orion Martin, Video Still, Issue One

Will Steacy. Abstract 4, Issue Two

Travis Jackson, bigdjin, Issue One
Peter McCollough, Untitled, Issue Two

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